Commercial Photography Investment


To keep things simple we provide a standard hourly rate of £130 for commercial projects (excluding image license – see below).  This includes creative editing, meetings with clients to discuss the brief, online private gallery and travel time (within 40 mins of S25).

Image licensing

We charge 20% for projects £130 or below, 16% for projects between £111-£330, 12% for projects between £331-£500, 8% between £501-£700 and 4% for £701 and above.  This includes a 99 year license for use of complete library of all edited medium resolution images for unlimited trade only usage (small print, website, social media, web, video, mobile, editorial and exhibits). 

Choosing a photographer is a difficult decision, its a very competitive industry with amateur photographers trying to establish themselves frequently by offering cheap packages.  Simply put, just be careful when choosing a photographer and make sure they show you full coverage of a shoot, not just a few lucky shots, and that they have public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Please contact us with information on your project and we’ll get straight back to you with a accurate quote.