Date: 12st November 2016
Ceremony and Reception: Cubley Hall, Peak District

When I met Jenny and Andy for the engagement shoot it is fair to say Andy was a little hesitant (and slightly hungover) about having his photo taken.  Yet after 5 mins he was proving to be a natural, as was Jenny who is just always smiling.  They are a lovely couple and it was a pleasure to capture their beautiful day.

The morning started a little foggy and dark but as the morning went by it turned into a beautiful fresh winter day.  After taking a few photos of the boys I met the bridal party in the busy bridal suite.  Jenny was her usual self, amazingly relaxed, whilst the rest of the bridal party were a little more anxious.  By the time Jenny had her dress on everyone was excited and relaxed (the Jager did the trick) and the little flower girls were eagerly awaiting the walk across to the ceremony.  Here are few of the morning…