Date: 17th December 2016
Ceremony: Blyth St Mary’s and Martin Church
Reception: Barnby Memorial Hall, Blyth
Vicar: Kate Bottley (from Googlebox)

Winter weddings can be risky but are increasingly popular these days and there is definitely something special about them. Maybe it’s the excitement of Christmas, the chance of a white wedding, the fresh winter air or simply the excuse to get to the bar early.   I think at April and Tom’s wedding it was all these factors, and we couldn’t have wished for a nicer day, beautiful in fact, even if somewhat fresh.

I arrived for the bridal preparations in my usual way, calm, not rushing and getting to know everyone and instantly knew it was going to be a lovely day with great people.

Whilst the girls applied their finishing touches I made my way upstairs to locate the dress and shoes.  By the time I got back downstairs the girls were well on the way (getting ready that is) and the markup artist was applying the final touches to the bride to be.  Here a few photos from the morning preparations.

I said my goodbyes and headed to Blyth St Mary’s and Martin’s Church, my first time at this beautiful church, where I was met by a familiar face. It then clicked that the Vicar was Kate Bottley from Googlebox that famously led a wedding flash mob. She laid the ground rules and then I met another familiar face, this time the groom, seemingly very clam. We rounded up the suits for a few pre-wedding photos before then headed inside to patiently wait.