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It is almost time for my first wedding of the year, so I thought I would recap on 2018 and post about 18 moments that emanate the raw emotion of weddings. This is what a wedding day is about; the laughter, joy and love to the anxiety, happy tears and the fear of letting go.  

Whilst some of these photos wouldn’t be first on my social feeds there are stories behind each one that will be relived in these captured moments in time.

1) Bouquet throw with a twist

The bride Becky works in a hair salon with most of the girls in the photo ,who were all ready to catch the bouquet.  It was actually their colleague Tom that rose from the heart of the bunch to make the catch.  Tom had proposed to his boyfriend Richard who said yes.  

Bouquet Throw Gay Twist

2) No Glasses Please

I prefer guests not to have drinks in the group photos, and during this family portrait I kindly asked them to remove their glasses, so the nan casually walked over to some other members of the family and handed over her spectacles.  There was a moment of silence before they all bust out laughing, the perfect opportunity for a quick snap.

Laughter wedding photo at Mosborough Hall

3) I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor

My three favourite parts of the day are the couple photos, the speeches and the dancing frolics.  2018 was the year of crazy dance moves and expressions that are only possible after gallons of beers and wine!! 🙂 My personal fave is the dancing to the dance floor dance, it never gets old.

4) Falling for you

Jon was clearly head over heels in love with his beautiful Bride Emma, so much so that he fell over at least three times during the couple photos.  Nothing to do with the beers his groomsmen kept buying him!! 🙂  It was all good fun and this photo demonstrates what the couple photos are all about, nothing too serious and enjoying the moment.

Bride and Groom at Ringwood Hall Hotel gardens

5) The Young Un’s

I love the unpredictable behaviour, the look of innocence and excitement of kids at weddings.  I guess all of us still are big kids at heart and weddings provide that opportunity for letting our hair down and rekindling some of that childish behaviour.   I love photos that showcase the personality and character of these little loved ones. 

6) Pre-ceremony warmup

Literarily a few minutes before the Groom was due to walk down the aisle at the Norfolk Arms, one of the Groomsmen suggested a quick game of badminton in 30 degrees, to which they all replied why not.  Also, I had to include the photo below of the Bride & Bridesmaid bouquet catch, game faces all around.

Groomsmen Wedding at Norfolk Arms in Sheffield Wedding at Norfolk Arms in Sheffield

7) See you down the aisle (maybe)

It’s amazing how often couples don’t look at each other when the bride walks down the aisle.  I’ll get into position, finger on the trigger waiting for the look, but it doesn’t happen.  But I know at some point in the next few seconds there will be a glance, a smile and acknowledgment of ‘sh*t just got real’.   I also love seeing how the Groom reacts the moments before the Bride walks in, it doesn’t matter how cool you are, that wait is not easy.

8) Drink with the old man

I love this special moment between father and son, and I know how much Mick loves his Whisky too.  It really set the tone for a wonderful day, and if I remember there were quite a few more Whisky to be had later that evening, although my memory isn’t what it used to be!! 🙂  

Sharing a pre wedding drink with the old man at Wood Hall, Weatherby

9) Mother of the Bride

It would be wrong of me not to include the mother of the bride who is often instrumental in the wedding day.  It’s not an easy task and amidst all the chaos, but they are always there for their children.

10) Please return all keys

I wasn’t in on this joke during the best men speech, but I couldn’t resist.  The best men asked all the men with keys to the Bride’s flat to hand them in now she was off the market.  Just as the final bloke handed in a set, I remembered my keys were in my pocket so I had to get in the act!! 🙂 

11) The Bestman

I’ve been in this position three times, its one of the scariest jobs and I’ve seen it all from the super confident to the absolutely terrified.  I think I was somewhere in the middle.  One thing I can never understand is the best man writing his speech at the wedding.   That said, some of the best speeches I’ve heard are straight from the heart.  The wait is never easy.

12) Little sneak

The groom was out there somewhere and temptation got the better of this stunning Bride at Wortley Hall.  

13) Laugh out Loud

One great thing with weddings is all the laughter.  I doubt there is any other event that can create so many belly laughs.  I particularly love the last photo of little Alex laughing at his Nan attempting to get on the bouncy castle and failing at the first step.  

14) Room bar

We were on route to the pond at Peak Edge hotel for some lovely photos over the bridge when we suddenly started getting heckled by some guests in a room (aka the Bridesmaids) drinking what was obviously (not) hotel supplies!! John was a little thirsty so one of the girls kindly poured him a drink.

15) Super Siblings

I’m very lucky in that I have wonderful old(er) siblings, and in my eyes a siblings bond is something that cannot be broken.  It is not always easy to show your love and gratitude, but if there is ever an opportunity it’s at a wedding.

16) Rolling Back the Years

I think the photo says it all.  These two lovebirds were busting some serious moves and putting all the youngsters to shame.  We all change but true love never gets old.

17) Ah sh*t, where’s the rings!!

I would be lying if I said this was a new one to me, although the best man did do a very convincing job of pretending to lose the rings at the beautiful Old Vicarage Boutique wedding venue.   I think even he got worried at one point.  

18) Father of the Bride

Last and not least.  One of the most emotional moments of the wedding day is when the father see’s their little girl all ready to walk down the aisle.  Being a father of two I can feel the emotion when the father walks into the room.  Whether they laugh, smile or cry, the reaction whatever it might be is always one of love and proudness.  The fear of letting go.



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